CBP® Researcher of the Year 2022

Doctors & DMX

YOU can now see injuries that you could NEVER see before.

What is Digital Motion X-ray?

DMX is a diagnostic test that records real time, full motion x-ray imaging of any body joint in motion.

What Makes DMX unique?

Auto accident injuries occur in less than 3 milliseconds, too quick for the bodys’ nervous system to react and protect. This leaves only bones and ligaments to protect the body. Since cervical bones are rarely broken, the connective tissues are most commonly injured.

The Hidden Culprit – Ligaments

Ligaments are connective tissue that attach bone to bone. The purpose of ligaments is to keep bones in proper position, and work similar to hinges on a door. It has been suspected that ligaments are damaged easily, but until now, it has been difficult to diagnose ligamentous injuries. DMX can demonstrate these injuries in as little as 15 minutes.

DMX® visually demonstrates aberrant movement of bones, allowing the radiologist to specifically determine which ligaments are injured.

  1. Make the most informed and reliable diagnosis!
  2. Provide proof of injury!
  3. Increase Patient understanding!
  4. Diagnose soft tissue injuries objectively!
  5. Substantiate patient care!
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