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Katz Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Clinic

Our chiropractic and phsyical therapy practice started here in Boulder in 2000. When you come to our office you’ll see that it is different than most chiropractic offices. We really focus on biomechanics, using chiropractic and intensive rehab to restore mechanics to as normal as possible. Our care is goal oriented, we work hard with you and if you are consistent, you will be rewarded with good health and the ability to have a productive life. We take the time with each and every patient and we do not “herd you like sheep”. Every patient gets a specific treatment plan that meets their life style and specific health care goals.




evan katz chiropractor in boulder

Dr. Evan Katz

I was born and raised in Newburgh New York. My uncle Jerry and cousin David were both chiropractors and I knew I wanted to get into a profession where I can help other people live healthier lives. I went to chiropractic college in the California Bay Area, at life chiropractic College West and graduated in 2000. Since graduating from college I open my own practice with the intent of providing higher quality of care and applying science research and clinical experience to each and every patient. Practice with my wife Seana and really enjoy the two of us being part of the same team. My spare time I like to train and learn Brazilian jiu jitsu, fly fishing, ski, hike, walk my dogs, and most importantly spent time with my wife and daughter Sophie.


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Dr. Seana Katz

I love it here in Boulder and I love my job. Evan and I always say we will never retire, because we can’t imagine not helping people and making friends every day. I try to live a balanced life with work, family, dogs and friends. I swim, bike, go to exercise classes (it’s Boulder after all), and get adjusted by Evan. Both Evan and I became chiropractors because it helped us get our lives back, and it makes us really happy when we can do that for someone else.